Tomas Bachot: Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life (2016)


For this series, Tomas Bachot travelled in a bus from Belgium to Romania with the people he photographed, sleeping in their living rooms, showing them his photos and talking about the reasons of his journey.

The title of the book is a sentence from the mayor of a village located in the Golden Quadrilateral in the Apuseni Mountains of Transylvania, in order to affirm that groundwater poisoning due to the exploitation of gold mines can be a blessing.







Tomas Bachot-006


Fazit: Eine spannende Fotorecherche, welche sich über 3 sorgfältig gestaltete Booklets erstreckt. Eine Dokumentation entstanden im direkten Austausch mit den Dokumentierten. Ein Projekt mit Anspruch, aber – zum Glück – auch mit Humor und lakonischem Grundton. Sehr gelungene Kontrastierung von Bild und Text (Interviewauszüge).


Self-published by Tomas Bachot
Design: Maria Mitcheva
Three 165 x 240mm stapled booklets
Printed in full color offset on 80g Cyclus Offset Paper
204 pages
170 photographs
15 interviews
1 surprise!




Publisher: Self published


You can pick one here.


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