Stefanie Moshammer: Land of Black Milk (Skinnerboox, 2017)



Austrian-born photographer Stefanie Moshammer focused on favelas to show a different side of life in Brazil’s second biggest city.






“Rio de Janeiro is not so much one city as different worlds. Multiplied realities of one place and the space in between. A two-ness, two warring ideals in one body with an inherently split personality. In there, favelas are everywhere – they are in the heart of the metropolis, in the periphery, in every corner of the city. And they stand in sharp contrast to the asphalted city nearby. This is were the common law doesn’t count, there, their own rules exist. It’s the palace of the traffickers – their hidden space; as well as home for those who are working for the people in the wealthy South Zone. The two-ness of a land, vulnerable and powerful at the same time.” Stefanie Moshammer








Stefanie Moshammer: Land of Black Milk ;designed by Federico Carpani; edition of 350; 21.4x32cm; 112 pages; french fold dust cover.





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