Lisa Oppenheim: Works 2003–2013 (Sternberg Press, 2014)



Lisa Oppenheim (born 1975 in New York City) creates photographs and videos that connect historical imagery and techniques with the present.





“Over the past decade, artist Lisa Oppenheim has steadily developed a unique body of work exploring the usage of (historical) imagery. Balanced between appropriation and reconstruction, her work relies on substitutions applied to photographic and filmic records through which the historical and the present are transmitted and constituted through a language of today. One could define her work as an archaeology of time and visual culture. By exposing, or even reexposing, archival material, Oppenheim bridges the past and the present by introducing new meaning to these historical images, often resulting in film and photographic projects.” Publisher’s Info







Lisa Oppenheim: Works 2003–2013; texts by Karen Archey, Angie Keefer, Lisa Oppenheim, Christian Rattemeyer; design by Marc Hollenstein; July 2014; English/German; 24 x 33 cm;160 pages with 92 color ills.; softcover.





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