Hypermarché – Novembre: Photographs by Motoyuki Daifu With Poems by Michel Houellebecq (The Gould Collection, 2018)



The Gould Collection is a series of books that brings together contemporary photographers with short story and prose writers. It is co-edited by Laurence Vecten (Paris), Russet Lederman (New York City) and Yoko Sawada (Tokyo).

Motoyuki Daifu (Japanese, 1985) is a Japanese photographer who studied at the Tokyo Visual Arts College, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. Since his first solo exhibition in 2008 at Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Daifu’s photographs have focused on his family and surroundings.

Michel Houellebecq (French, 1956) is the author of novels, poetry collections and essays published worldwide. He received the 2010 Goncourt Prize for his novel La carte et le territoire (The Map and the Territory).







Through a probing and often humorous lens, Tokyo-based Motoyuki Daifu’s photographs explore the loving bonds and contradictions that shape his family’s interactions, surroundings and social spaces. Culled from his three ongoing series from 2009 to 2017—Project Family, Still Life and Untitled (Surround)—his works reveal a view of a real Japan stripped of the clichés portrayed in many western depictions. Interwoven between Daifu’s photographs are five poems by critically acclaimed author Michel Houellebecq, most recently published in his Unreconciled (2014) anthology. Raw views of universal love, loneliness, tragedy, dedication and redemption, played out in supermarkets and other mundane locations, expose the highly flawed nature of modern human existence. Together, Daifu and Houellebecq draw attention to the beauty that can be found in the inescapable disorder of contemporary life. Publisher’s Info










Editors: Laurence Vecten, Russet Lederman and Yoko Sawada | Design: The Gould Collection | Size: 24.8 cm high x 18 cm wide | Pages: 76 | Images: 40 images | Binding: Exposed Swiss binding within soft cover in dust-jacket and belly band | Languages: French, Japanese and English.


Artist: https://motoyukidaifu.blogspot.com

Publisher: https://thegouldcollection.com/volume3/

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