Issei Suda: Fragment of Everyday Life (Seigensha, 2018)



Issei Suda, born in 1940 in Tokyo, studied at the Tokyo College of Photography and worked as a stage photographer for the avant-garde Tenjo Sajiki theater troupe before turning freelance. He has received numerous honors, including the 1985 Higashikawa Domestic Photographer Award for Fragment of Everyday Life and the 1997 Domon Ken Prize for Human Memory.



When asked what I shoot, I generally reply “everyday life,” but I’m never quite sure whether this is the correct answer. “Everyday life” is simply the most innocuous term to offer as a response. – Issei Suda






Issei Suda made a name for himself in the Japanese photographic world through his 6 x 6 black-and-white prints that bare the unexpected—and often unsettling—dimensions lurking in otherwise perfectly mundane subjects.

The photobook “Fragment of Everyday Life” collects 150 of Suda’s color photographs, uniting images from his series “SPOT”, for which Issei photographed locations of various incidents, “Elegy” (published in Nihon Camera in 1995), “Normal Life” (Asahi Camera 1995), “Provocation of Lights” from the July 1994 issue of Nihon Camera, and the titular “Fragment of Everyday Life”, serialised in Nihon Camera from 1983 to 1984. Publisher’s Info









Book Size: 305 x 220 mm | Pages: 128 pages | Binding: Hardcover | Publication Date: 2018 | Language: Japanese/English.





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