Andrew Moisey: The American Fraternity: An Illustrated Ritual Manual (Daylight, 2018)



Andrew Moisey is an award-winning photographer and educator. He is Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Studies, a Rosevear Faculty Fellow at Cornell University. The American Fraternity is a photobook that provides an intimate and provocative look at Greek culture on college campuses by combining contemporary photographs with scanned pages from a wax-stained 60 year old ritual manual.







The book is soft and leather-bound and appears to be the property of a college fraternity called “Psi Rho.” As we turn the pages, we see the rituals, the historic imagery, and the raw, intimate photographs of young men dispensing with their high-minded oaths. In its final chapter, The American Fraternity lists many US presidents, current Senators and Representatives, past and present Supreme Court justices, CEOs, and church Bishops in fraternities. Publisher’s Info









Photographs by Andrew Moisey | Contributions by Cynthia Robinson and Nicholas L. Syrett | Soft cover, leather bound | 144 pages | 96 images | 6 x 8 inches.




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