Eduardo Nave: Like (Ediciones Anómalas, 2017)



Eduardo Nave (Valencia, 1976) has studied photography in Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny in Valencia. In 2005 he founded, with 13 photographers, the photography collective NOPHOTO.







Like is a symptom, a disruption in the ecosystem of visual production. It reveals the existence of a deranged approach to pictorial representation in which more importance is attached to showing our place in the world than to showing the world itself. In a society imbued with the capitalism – the excess, total accessibility and asphyxia – of post-photographic era images, the question arises whether it is any longer possible to experience the excitement of discovery.

Faced with such an overload of multiple stimuli and reactions, photographer Eduardo Nave pursues the old modernist dream of exploring a virgin landscape that has never been colonized by human eyes. Are there no longer any places to escape to? Is contemplative solitude possible? Emptiness is a motivating force that lives on in the imagination and drives the photographer to embark on each new voyage, even when that voyage is a lunatic, fictitious or totally impossible undertaking. Mireia A. Puigventós 










Design: underbau | 24 x 17 cm | 288 pages | Softcover | 2nd edition.





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