Michiel De Cleene: Reference Guide (Roma Publication, 2019)



Michiel De Cleene (BE 1988) is a photographer. The recurring theme in his work is an investigation into the functioning of documentary with a focus on the processes of limitation, conditioning and authentication. Since 2015 he is working on the long-term projects, Reference Guide and Documenting Objects as a researcher at KASK – School of Arts where he is a founding member of the School of Speculative Documentary.







Reference Guide is a collection of entries, connected and fuelled by cross-references. These not only determine the characteristics of the collection and its use, but they are also the mechanism behind its expansion. Although the main focus of Reference Guide lies within moments of technological candour, the collection demonstrates a surprisingly high interest in characters and phenomena along the side-lines of these episodes and displays a severe tendency to digress. Reference Guide allows each reader to construct his or her own path through the different entries. This movement is similar to one you might make within an encyclopedia. Publisher`s Info










Artist: Michiel De Cleene | In cooperation with: HOGENT, Ghent | Year: 2019 | Design: We Became Aware, Michiel De Cleene, Zsa Zsa Tuffy | Number of pages: 176 | Size: 24.5 x 32.


Artist: http://www.michieldecleene.be/

Publisher: https://www.orderromapublications.org/publications/reference-guide/245663&page=


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