Bruno Stettler: Als wär’s das letzte Mal (Sturm & Drang publishers, 2019)



Between 1978 and 1988, Swiss photographer Bruno Stettler captured around 100 rock and pop concerts in and around Zürich, resulting in a trove of 20,000 pictures.







Bruno Stettler was a witness and documentarist of a time of musical awakening, when the distance from stage to audience was only a few meters. Flash photography was often difficult, so highly sensitive 400 ASA films were essential. He pushed them up to 800-1000 ASA. Photo retouching, as it is so easy to do on screen with a few mouse clicks today, did not exist for the amateur. He worked with negatives, not with slides, because original photo prints in the format 9×13 could be produced economically and sold with a mail-order business. The imperfections of the time translate into authenticity today. The result is a 400-pages thick photo-book that captures the spirit of a generation. Publisher`s Info










First limited edition of 888 books | 400 pages | 23 cm x 31 cm | hardcover with dust-jacket | German.





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